Standardisation in Research and Innovation Projects

The European Commission has recently published the Communication COM (2018) 435, proposing a Regulation for Horizon Europe, the next EU framework program for research and innovation between 2021 and 2027. This communication identifies standardisation as a tool to facilitate the exploitation of project’s results.

Currently, between 20% and 30% of the topics for Research and Innovation projects request the consideration of standardisation in the project. The goal is to increase these percentages in order to align with other useful activities for enhancing the impact of the projects, such as communication or intellectual property.

MIRACLE is aware of the importance of considering standardisation aspects throughout the whole project. As result, the first public deliverable of the project is dealing with these aspects, and has been published as Deliverable 7.16. UNE ( participates in the MIRACLE Consortium as partner to facilitate these activities.

The European standardisation bodies, CEN and CENELEC, and their national members such as UNE in Spain, are convinced that a greater use of standards and standardisation in Research and Innovation Projects will ensure that the results obtained through public funding will largely benefit the European industry, economy and society. This fully coincides with the objectives set by the European Commission for the program.

For this reason UNE has prepared a position paper detailing the recommendations we propose to improve this aspect in the Horizon Europe program, as well as the arguments that support them – UNE Position Paper.


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